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Universal UV Randomization script 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Randomize your uv's by shells, or objects, constrained to a grid or totally randomly in 0-1 space!

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Last Modified:08/04/2013
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This script handles the randomization of multiple objects, or multiple uv shells, of a single object at once. When randomizing uv shells per object, multiple objects can be selected, and left to run through.This script was created out of necessity. When I work with environment art, I typically need more texture variety in foliage, and I use this to randomize grass patches, leaves on paint effects trees, bricks in brick walls, etc.

The first section of the script, randomizes based on a grid layout, so great for a paint effects tree 2x2 leaf texture that yields 4 leafs total. Or a 3x3, or 10x10, etc etc. Padding simply puts a bit of space between each shell.

The second section is a bit different. The u and v squash values do two things for you.
First, they squash your uv's by the amount specified.So, a scale of 1 in U, will keep them the same width, and nothing will happen. Same with V. However, if you type in .2 for instance, the shells or objects will be scaled down to 20% of the original width, then they will be scattered within 0-1 space only along the axis they were squashed in. Smaller numbers will equal greater squash, and greater distribution between shells or shapes, BUT, you will have distortion UNLESS you enter the same number for both. Which will scale the shells down, and distribute them in both u and v, essentially placing them at a random location in 0-1.

An example use is grass patches. Pfx grass meshes take up full 0-1 width, but with the second script, you can squash them to a much more realistic width, and scatter them in 0-1, which will allow each blade to have a different variation of color. Great for using with a horizontal ramp, that simply goes from green to yellow for example.

This script is simple, and it costs $20 dollars, and will save you hours upon hours if you have a need for it.
There are other scripts like this, but where this one stands apart is:
---Its ability to handle uv shells of a single mesh, which can vary in topology and faces / verts.
---Que multiple meshes for overnight batching of many meshes, simply select multiple ones and run either of the single mesh algorithms
---The algorithm to sort out the shells of a single mesh is very complex, and has undergone alot of revisions by me to be more optimized. The current solution while it may seem long, is as fast as it has ever been by quite a bit, and you will have a hard time beating the speed of this script compared to others (for the scripts progress feedback, please have the script editor open).

For any questions, comments, or ideas for improvement please contact me using the support forum.

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