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Render Window / viewport Batch Render Script 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Cant get desired results from maya batch render? Batch render from your renderView!

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Last Modified:08/04/2013
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Viewport / Renderview Batch Render Script

The purpose of this script is to allow you to render any series of frames from the maya Render View window instead of the internal batch render that is usually used.

You might need this if you're having unexplained issues with your scene that keeps it from rendering via batch, cached fluids can be problematic sometimes, as well as other strange issues. When time to debug is too great, this can be a wonderful workaround.


1. Open either script file in notepad, select all / copy.
2. Paste in python tab of script editor in Maya.
3. Select all (in python tab of script editor).
4. Middle mouse drag to shelf for quicker access.



-If you're rendering with settings that say, png wont support, like 32 bit, or render passes you'll need to grab the renders from your project's images/tmp folder.
By default, maya stores the viewport render in that folder no matter what, even if you don't chose to save it

- This script uses the Marquee render function internally. This means that before running the script you need to marquee what you want to render.

In most cases, that would probably be the entire frame. However it uses this function so that you can marquee a very small portion of screen space for faster renders if you dont need the whole frame!

This means that for marquee to work right you need to have already rendered, or taken a snapshot at final render resolution so you're working with the right amount of pixels. If your preview scale is low for testing, that will also affect the final size. -

1. “Name Prefix”:
- This Field is for a file name prefix, the part that will come before the frame number.

2.“Directory Path”:
- Browse to the folder you wish to render your sequence to and set it here.

3. “Start Frame”:
- Specifies the start frame for the sequence. 
- Does not affect naming frame number! (we’ll get to that)
- The render settings end frame in any way

4. “Label Start”:
- Label start indicates the starting frame for the OUTPUT file sequences first frame.
- Example: start frame is set to 1, end frame to 10, and label start to 5. Frames 1-10 will be rendered out of maya, and the sequence will be labeled 5-15 because of the OFFSET between the two.

5. “Start Render! Button”:
- Begins render with provided info. 

Additional Notes:

This script will continue to run through frames until it reaches the end of you user specified sequence duration. Hitting escape will cancel the imediate frame, but it will progress to the next one.

There are two options for halting the progress of the overall script.

1) force quit / end process
or #2 only works on windows)
2)  under c drive, create a file called "breakPy" no extension. Render will see this and halt after next completed frame.

breakPy file is empty, and does aabsolutely nothing at all. the script looks for it every frame though, and when it sees it, halts.
So, once halted, you need to remove, or rename the file to something else for the script to work again! 

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