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Attribute Randomiser 0.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

Demonstration of the Attribute Randomiser

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Last Modified:06/23/2013
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The Attribute Randomiser has been developed to randomise most attributes in maya - from translations to rotation to scale, to transparency to color etc etc etc - absolutely brilliant.

It also has a keyframe function which helps with adding animation to arrays of objects.

Works very well with the st Duplicator.
Haven't had a chance to test, but should work fine on Mac platforms.

For this tool and more, also check out

Copy this file into your maya scripts directory 
eg.... C:\Users\username\Documents\maya\2014-x64\scripts
Run these two lines inside of a python tab inside the Script Editor to open the Duplicator Window:
import stAtRandomiserstAtRandomiser.aCWindow()
* NOTE: You can click on - File \ Save Script to Shelf - to add the script to your maya shelves *'''

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