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Bloke 2.8.0 for Maya

Free character rig for Maya

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  • 2008, 8.x


Last Modified:03/12/2010
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I've finally gotten around to giving Bloke a much needed face lift and body tuck. Body proportions were modified quite a bit, and the rig was completely reconstructed. The result should be a more flexible character with better deformations throughout. Optional FK legs were also added to the controls, and in general the scene is better organized and hopefully more stable.

This rig features:

  • Stretchy IK back with advanced twist controls
  • Stretchy arms and legs
  • FK/IK switching for arms and legs
  • Improved hip and bicep deformations
  • Improved clavicle controls
  • Elbow and knee pole vector controls
  • Full Finger Controls
  • Multiple foot pivots
  • Breath control
  • Ear controls
  • Stretchable head and neck
  • Scalable from the Super Mover
  • Full facial rig based on the Osipa method
  • FK/IK Matching for arms and legs ( * new * )
  • Space Switching for arms and legs ( * new * )
  • Revised controller style - special thanks to Phil Blum for his excellent input ( * new * )

This should work on Maya versions 5 or later - just edit the ascii header as needed.

Download Bloke's selection shelf button here (right-click, save as).

Much of this character was rigged with my free Rig-o-matic script, so if you would like to rig your own character, you know where to go.

And if you are looking for other character options, don't forget to check out my ultra-primitive Blik and Blok characters - great for sequences that don't require facial controls.

Finally, if you would prefer to work with the previous version of Bloke, click here for a download.


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