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Rapid Rig: Modular for Maya. A new procedural rigging toolset.
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Rapid Rig: Modular for Maya. A new procedural rigging toolset.
Dustin Nelson, added 2013-12-28 15:40:37 UTC 59,520 views  Rating:
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In development for over two years, Rapid Rig Modular wraps up the experiences and discoveries its author Dustin Nelson learned in creating Rapid Rig: Advanced and has condensed it down, and added new features to be incredibly flexible.

Rapid Rig: Modular will allow you to build a rig working with components, starting only with the root system. RRM will then allow you to add on to that initial root system with anything you like. As an example, if you want to have a character with more than two legs, or two arms, just add those in.

The new system will allow you to build a complete and customized rig from scratch, starting with only a root you are able to add splines (for spines, necks and tails), arms, legs, FK chains (for fingers, tails, spines and wings), heads, and look-ats such as eyes.


All of these components can be attached to each other in any order or way that you like, making asymmetrical characters, quadrupeds, and multi-legged or winged characters in a snap, proving to be an incredibly flexible auto-rigging system.



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